February 2017 is behind us now. The month of love and romance won’t be forgotten so quickly by all at Pevensey. We took life by the hand, and looked into its eyes, and love is all we saw looking back at us. We fall in love with life, over and over again.

midmar mile medals

We congratulate our team which took part in the Midmar Mile event held on the 11th of February 2017. Janine Brindle, Samantha Smith, Bokkie Rossouw, Udette Pretorius, Hilda Gemmage, Anton Egner, Justin Raw and Moira Gray all completed their race and we are ever so proud of their achievements. And to Sister Penny and Mrs Trish Anderson, many thanks for the dedicated effort you continue to pour into preparing the Residents for this amazing event.

We also reflect on our Swimming Gala against Underberg School. We visited Underberg School on 14 February, on valentine’s day. It was such a lovely day for Pevensey as we beat the school to once again bring the trophy home.

Love is always in the air at Pevensey, and with February came Valentine’s Day!!! Our Valentine’s Disco¬†was so much fun, and was punctuated by some very serious dancing.

Ashley, Dianne and Willie

Alex and Irene

We most certainly love life at Pevensey. We love our home and the activities we have created over the years to give character to our life. Life is complete when one has so much to look forward to, goals to achieve.

We have got to love life, with everything we have in us. There never has been any reason not to. For life in its essence is great, ALL the time. So often we get sucked into focusing more on what is not right, rather than whats right. Take life by the hand, look into its eyes. It is beautiful. all the time.




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