ᑭᕮ⋎ᕮƝ⟆ᕮჄ ᑭしᗩᑕᕮ @ 50 👌😍🙌

On 26 February, Pevensey Place will be turning 50 years old. We are all called to celebrate this special occasion in many different ways. One of which is that all our main events will carry a 50th anniversary celebratory theme. Today, 22 February, Pevensey Place are off to swim against Underberg School, and this will […]

We Love Life @ Pevensey Place!!!!!

February 2017 is behind us now. The month of love and romance won’t be forgotten so quickly by all at Pevensey. We took life by the hand, and looked into its eyes, and love is all we saw looking back at us. We fall in love with life, over and over again. We congratulate our […]