Recently our very our very old farm Tractor broke down, tired from over 40 years’ worth of hard work. (The Old Guy has served Pevensey well over the years.)  And staying true to the law of probability, the break down happened just when Mr Mingay, our Farm Manager had some planting to do!

We are very grateful to Underberg John Deere, who after having been approached by the Underberg Round Tablers, lent out a tractor for 5 days so planting could be done!!!

Happy Pevensey Residents sending their Big "Thank You" to NUD John Deere and to thr Round Tablers
Happy Pevensey Residents showing their heart felt gratitude to NUD John Deere and to  Sani Round Tablers

We thank all who played a part in this from the bottom of our hearts. We are part of a  wonderful community and this deed clearly demonstrates that.

Plans are in place now to replace the old tractor with a new one as a matter of urgency. It is everyone’s hope that we will find a pre-owned tractor in good condition at a reasonable price soon.




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