On Thursday 2 March a huge bus drove into Pevensey Place to bring   learners for a visit to our home. Each year Grace College take their matric learners out on a life orientation trip, and this year, as they did  last year, they chose to bring them to Pevensey Place.

So they arrived, to deepen a relationship which now has no choice but to keep growing as both parties continue to benefit from it. For the learners, its a chance to go out into the world, out of their comfort zones, and experience life from a different perspective. Its a foray into the real world, where people don’t shy away from adversity, but take the challenges, and make every day count. IMG_2488

For Pevensey it’s an event, a chance to open our hearts and say ‘welcome’, and a chance to talk and be listened to by a different face, and like in this case, it was a chance to get our garden benches repainted by different hands.

It is through visits such as these, that the Pevensey eye will appreciate a world out there, which attaches great importance in just spending time, and sharing a space and a moment. We open our eyes to a system which is determined to instill, into the lives of today’s youths, a sense of social responsibility. And we appreciate more, the fact that there are people and institutions out there who continue to attach and extend a gesture of friendship to us.

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And so it turned out to be a wonderful afternoon. By the time they said their goodbyes,  our guests had toured our Pevensey Place, helped us in the Home-craft workshop, helped in the laundry and painted our benches. We even had time to play a casual game of cricket!!!  Plans are under way to  organise  a cricket match against Grace College in the near future.

So when they visited our home, we welcomed them into our space. They gave us their hearts. We shared special moments. They brought us special gifts (more on that in a later edition) and special friendships were forged. Special memories which will be securely kept in special hearts, to be shared with families and friends wherever our Residents go.

Thank you Grace College!!!!

Photos by Stuart Seymour, one of our Pevensey Residents.






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  1. How wonderful! Thank you Grace College. You’ll all be richly blessed by your input to Pevensey Place.

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