Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.- George Sand

Fun time on the dance floor....
Fun time on the dance floor….

Nothing can equate with the joy that our Residents felt on the 16th of February. This was the day we marked for our Valentine’s Day Dance. Liz Naude and Andre,her partner, came from Durban to play music and this was received with great enthusiasm by the residents. As soon as the first song sounded, they waltzed into the Tim Hickman Memorial Hall, and got on  their dancing moves. Most of them had dressed for the occasion, and the event was just one wave of red joy.

Indeed, the happiness that loving and being loved is worth celebrating, and we thank Liz and her partner for finding us worthy of receiving their time and love.

On the night, there were many prizes to be won. :

1   Best Dancing couple           Rudi Boese and Hilda Gammage

These two danced with their hearts, and completely enjoyed celebrating this wonderful event. The decision to award them with this accolade was very easy. congratulations to them.

2  Best Dressed Couple          Brandon Brown and Alison Pattle

They really looked good and we applauded the effort they put into dressing up. Brandon was also looking joyful and enjoyed every moment. We congratulate them.

3    Best Dressed Male Resident    Charles Higginson

The guy was all super dressed up like the gentleman he has always been.

Best Dancing Male Resident     Gregory Swart

Greg just took to the dance floor and was still on it when the last song was played.

Best Dancing Female   Irene Benton.

She was born to enjoy music. It is always a pleasure to witness how she soaks into every song, and moves to every beat.

6   Best Dressed Female Resident   Janet Stobart   

She was immaculately dressed.

7  Most Sociable Resident    Ross Tedder

This guy was on the dance floor, and danced with more residents than anyone else. He embraced the spirit of the day and we applaud him for his honest joy.


Words of thanks go to Liz and Andre for making us feel so special and loved. The act of love and friendship will linger in our hearts for a long time. This came from a very special place in your hearts.

We can dance......!!!!
We can dance……!!!!

So ended a decorated evening, but the theme of love lingers in our hearts as we look ahead to the ensuing months. It is so wonderful to love. To smile and to make another person happy. To give and take of this emotion. No wonder even God commanded it in the Bible; Love one another! Or is it Love won another?





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