– Dorothy Canfield Fisher

We live in a world where love takes different forms and lanes. Where everyone desires to be loved. We may not know how to love other people, but we definitely know how we must be loved. Each and every human being. For this reason, the month of February takes a special meaning. The month of love, the month of romance and smiles. On the 14th of February, we celebrated with the residents and friends, in song and dance, and created a beautiful story.

Moira on the dance floor.
Moira on the dance floor. A bundle of energy and joy

Pevensey Place is a place blessed with wonderful friends. Just a huge unit of happy and loving people. And on the 14th of February, Nikki and Andrew Craig arrived, armed with beautiful flowers and decor, wanting to know where the Pevensey Hall was. We had no choice but to show them. Sister Penny, Trish Anderson, and Mrs. Rawlins were at hand to help, and by 6 pm, the interior of the Hall had been transformed into a beautiful venue, fit to host Kings and Queens.

The Kings and Queens descended on it, all clad in impressive red or white, to express their love for others and for life, on the dance floor. After a short delay due to an electrical problem, the sound system came alive, and so did Pevensey Place. Andrew and Nikki must have wondered what was hitting them, but we are certain they quickly found out that it was love. Guy Wiggle also showed up and mingled with the residents, before he became the official Pop Corn guy!  We always appreciate when people take their precious time to come and have fun with our residents. It gives a totally different dynamic to our events and the experience stays with the residents for a long time.

So the night went on, and many residents won spot prizes and really had so much fun on the dance floor. Chocolates, drinks, and cakes punctuated the whole event. ( thanks to Underberg Superspar who donated 3 huge cakes for our residents to enjoy). Underberg Superspar is one of our sponsors and we can never ever be able to find words to thank them enough. May they be blessed with profits that keep soaring like huge eagles.

Andrew and Nikki Craig will linger on the minds of the residents, for playing a huge part in making sure our 2019 Valentine’s Day bash a huge success. Trish Anderson was also seen running around pulling strings in many ways, and we especially thank her for the wonderfully colored cups which residents joyfully drank out of. We will use them on many more special functions.

Nikki Craig, Sister Penny, Trish Anderson and Mrs Rawlins busy decorating the hall. Andrew Craig was also busy out of picture.
Nikki Craig, Sister Penny, Trish Anderson and Mrs. Rawlins busy decorating the hall. Andrew Craig was also busy( out of the picture.)

When energy levels started sapping, and the food pile had vanished out of sight, it was time to allocate prizes for different categories. Chris Mattson was approached to hand over prizes to residents, and the following where worthy winners in their different categories;

Afterward, we were left to reflect on where nights like this are made. How they manage to stay in hiding and show up once in a while. Then we realize that they do live in the hearts of people, in each and every one of us. We are all capable of showing love to other people, to make them feel special and important. We thank, from the bottom of our hearts all who made it their mission to make Pevensey Place smile, dance, and feast.


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