Someone came to visit Pevensey recently, and as I walked past his car wherein he was seated and watching life at Pevensey, I greeted him and we started chatting. He commended the Pevensey staff for the special work that they do and said he really could not comprehend how they managed to keep it all together.

My response to him was that we are surrounded by an amazing support structure, which is the Underberg Community, and I believe there was no better way of responding. The engine that is Pevensey Place, is powered by the collective effort of individuals and organizations who voluntarily step out and say “Here we are, please tell us how we may be of assistance!”

I believe the day we make a choice to be a channel for good, to be available to serve others, that is the day we set ourselves on the rails that lead to happiness. I believe we have to look after ourselves, yes, but a life lived serving others, is a life that finds fulfillment. The unhappiest people in the world are those who focus entirely on themselves. The ones who spend their time scheming and working out how they can get this, or that, out of others. Naturally people resist making friendships with such people, and they instinctively choose to be around those who seek to be channels for good. The Pevensey Place project owes its existence to such people. We have people who drive long distances to just come and hug and smile at residents. Others work tirelessly to help raise funds. And others spend some of their time with the residents at dedicated times to work on projects, play games or do some bible study work with them. We salute all those involved in these amazing acts and deeds and the benefit to residents is immeasurable.

When we zoom out of that zone where life is about self, and see how it is more about others, we start to understand why history remembers more, people like Mother Theresa, Kofi Annan, Tony Blair and Nelson Mandela with such fondness. And on the other side are people like Hitler and Idi Amin.

We serve God by serving others. We cannot do great things on this earth. Only small things with great love.

By Rodreck Nyathi

Social Administrator/ Counselor.

Pevensey Place

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