Pevensey Place are blessed to have Chris Mattson serving as one of the Management Committee members. Together with his wife, Lel Mattson, they provide amazing support and are present to help run many of our events. Below is a report on the recently held swimming competition which was submitted by Chris Mattson.

Get all this water out of meeee.....
Chris Mattson after having been dunked into the swimming pool

The 2018 Pevensey Swimming Gala against the Underberg Primary School Grade 6’s was an experience to be remembered for a long time to come. The morning started slightly overcast but there was no thought of postponing the event for fear of our lives. The sun was soon out and the swimmers were all raring to go so everyone collected around the pool at Pevensey Place and the competition commenced with individual races and was later followed by novelty races with a humongous amount of encouragement from supporters on both sides.

One of the judges was open to bribery but money was a bit scarce coming in so it all ended up being fair and square and the grade 6’s won the day by 210 points to 206. After the short speeches and prize giving, both teams and the judges posed for a group photo after which coaches were dunked into the pool against their will and were nearly drowned by the influx of learners and Pevensey residents diving into the pool as well.

Pevensey Place and Underberg School got together for a photo shoot.
Pevensey Place and Underberg School got together for a photo shoot. Chris Mattson was dunked immediately after.

On behalf of the Pevensey Management Committee and staff we would like to thank the staff and pupils of Underberg Primary School for such a wonderful sporting day and for such a wonderful sporting day and for tremendous exemplary behavior by the learners. The teachers and parents should be very very proud of these youngsters who I would be honored to call my friends. They are amazing.

Thank you to the students, staff and parents for sharing these wonderful youngsters with us and thank you to the staff and residents of Pevensey for all your love and hard work.

By Chris Mattson

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