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Michael Kenealy


December Editorial

A while ago I was approached by one of our committee members who wanted to take all the physically disabled people out for tea. This duly happened. She felt the need to tell these people that they were all heroes in her eyes because of their bravery, patience and acceptance. This perception was carried by the fact that she was on crutches for a while and then realised what these residents go through day by day. Maybe it is time that we all take a step back and look through new eyes at out wonderful Residents. Maybe we must realise the frustrations some of these people go through if they can not even turn the pages of a book, or are at the mercy of someone else to be fed, bathed or taken to the toilet. What must it feel like to sit in a wheel chair for hours, not being able to do your own thing but always depending on the help of others.

How difficult is it if you want to tell people of your wonderful or bad day and not being able to communicate? How hard is it to want to complain and not being understood? How much frustration is caused when people ignore you nor try to get out of your way because you take too long to make them understand what you want to say?

Maybe we must all do what is said so easily, maybe we must get into their shoes and live just one day like they do. Maybe it is necessary to remind ourselves daily: There, but for the Grace of God, goes I.

May all our wonderful readers have a wonderful Christmas, may you enjoy the company and time with your residents and have a wonderful new year where we all know that it is going very well with us, because there are always people around us who are so much less fortunate than we are. God Bless!!!






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