No matter how much falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. That’s the only way to keep the roads clear! 
-Greg Kincaid
Easter 2020 happened behind closed doors, in most countries all over the world. In spite of all that, at Pevensey, the residents had a lovely time. Church services were conducted by Mr. Esterhuizen, which were well attended by the residents. Those residents who normally attend Good Friday and Sunday Services did not have to feel they missed out on anything. We do owe Mr. Esterhuizen a huge thank you.
Greg Swart tells Janine Brindle what he appreciates about her, with Mr Niemand and the residents watching with interest.
Greg Swart tells Janine Brindle what he appreciates about her, with Mr. Niemand and the residents watching with interest

On Sunday, Mr. Niemand reminded the residents about the importance of keeping a thankful spirit and not taking things and people around us for granted. To emphasize this fact, residents were asked to hunt for good things to appreciate about each other. They were asked to form a huge circle, with egg parcels then placed directly behind each one of them. When they reached behind for the parcels, each resident would find that there was a name of a fellow resident. They would then go to the fellow resident and hand over the parcel, but not before telling that resident two things they appreciate about them. One resident pronounced her appreciation for another resident who always has a smile on his face, and never finds a bad mood to put on. This in the face of many hardships and troubles that the days throw at our faces.  In our normally rushed world, we do not pause often enough to take time to appreciate such virtues. Mr. and Mrs. Niemand oversaw this whole exercise, and the residents thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated their efforts. Special thanks also to our very own Underberg SuperSpar, for kindly donating easter eggs, enough for the 66 residents we have at Pevensey right now. We also got funds from some parents, which we then channeled towards a braai for the residents on Monday afternoon. Val Chaplin, Kev, Wagener, Sherley (Barnsley), Egner, Hilda (Michelle Johnstone) and C Potts contributed to this wallet, as did someone who referenced his/ her deposit as “Easter for everyone”. Through your efforts, our residents had a lovely easter experience. also thanks to Rose Storm, Bronwyn Ogilvie, and some Monday ladies, for sweetening the weekend up by sending some delicious cupcakes. We indeed are surrounded by Angels.

Our Eastre Circle of Appreciation......
Our  Circle of Appreciation……
We continue to observe the recommended measures in our fight to stay safe from the coronavirus. Although we are situated far from the busy world, we have to keep our guards up to fend off complacency. We have managed to keep the residents happy and motivated, and above all, informed about COVID-19, and the important roles they play in fighting it. This indeed is everyone’s fight. Everyone’s journey and we are positive that it will be everyone’s victory. We are being called upon, along with everyone else, to step up and be a part of the solution to COVID-19

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