Pressed on all sides, but not crushed! Perplexed, but not in despair!!!

When things happen that shake the entire world, we shake along with it. For indeed we are a part of the globe. We watched as the Coronavirus hit countries overseas, silently hoping that it would not reach our shores.  Silently hoping that a solution would be found quickly. Silently hoping it would all go away. […]

Our Red Hot Drak Adventure

So our 2020 activities are officially on course. The Drak Challenge was a serious way to kick us into action!! Staff members and residents once again demonstrated a high level of dedication and commitment. Day one of the event, Saturday 1 February was always going to be a tough one. We went and set up […]

The Justin Greville Song

“We all get old, but I have my share of ups and downs” – Justin Greville. (Pevensey Resident since 1972) Justin Greville says these words slowly, carefully as if he is  trying not to hear himself saying them. This in the middle of sharing his story with me. The Justin Greville song. A tale of […]


Someone came to visit Pevensey recently, and as I walked past his car wherein he was seated and watching life at Pevensey, I greeted him and we started chatting. He commended the Pevensey staff for the special work that they do and said he really could not comprehend how they managed to keep it all […]

Pevensey Place Fete 2018

” We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” – Sir Winston Churchill.

Swimming vs Underberg School

February is our swimming month. The weather is warmer and Residents take to water at any given chance. We have a number of Residents who take the challenge and swim against Underberberg School’s Grade Sixes. Each year the grade six class has swimming against Pevensey as one of their challenges. This is a very special […]

Born To Be Loved….And To Love!

“We are better than animals because we have kinsmen. An animal rubs its itching flank against a tree, a man asks his kinsman to scratch him.”

Our Royal Show 2017 Prizes

This year we managed to enter 28 articles at the Royal Show in Pietermaritsburg ( a record for us), 6 articles being entered by Mary Coaker in the Senior Open) section.We had so many articles to choose from, thanks also to our faithful “Monday Ladies” from Underberg, who come regularly on Mondays to teach our Residents […]

Royal Show Outing..2017

  Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting. Ralph Waldo Emerson Are we not all born to see? Travelling and seeing new places is always appealing to us all. So when we announced that we would take our Pevensey Residents to the Royal Show in Pietermaritsburg, 95% of them […]