ᑭᕮ⋎ᕮƝ⟆ᕮჄ ᑭしᗩᑕᕮ @ 50 👌😍🙌

On 26 February, Pevensey Place will be turning 50 years old. We are all called to celebrate this special occasion in many different ways. One of which is that all our main events will carry a 50th anniversary celebratory theme. Today, 22 February, Pevensey Place are off to swim against Underberg School, and this will […]

As we keep marching on, we are not alone!

Someone said to me the act of saying 2021 aloud, sounds like we are saying ” twenty-twenty won.” Sounds wired doesn’t it? It will go down as the year when we could not carry out most of our fund-raising and fun activities with the residents. We just could not nail anything down to a planned […]

Our Red Hot Drak Adventure

So our 2020 activities are officially on course. The Drak Challenge was a serious way to kick us into action!! Staff members and residents once again demonstrated a high level of dedication and commitment. Day one of the event, Saturday 1 February was always going to be a tough one. We went and set up […]