Before we have even started to make sense of how the one year ended, we are already frantically trying to catch up on the new one!!

End of year programmes left us panting for breath. Festive programmes offered no respite, as we had to accommodate outings and special programmes for the residents who stayed at Pevensey throughout the Christmas period. Home is always sweet, and this was so true for we had Mrs Trish Anderson to thank for organising numerous outings for the residents during this period. These outings, during such a special time of the year, come with very deep and intimate meaning for our residents, who expressed their deep gratitude to her over and over again.

So we step into a new year and leave the old behind. Most residents returned from holidays and immediately got to work in their various departments. It is amazing to see the sense of pride they attach to their lines of work. And the genuine excitement they exude as they make enquiries regarding upcoming events.  This is our water season. We have the Midmar Mile, Swimming versus Underberg School, our gala and the Drak Challenge events prompting whispers in corridors and corners at Pevensey. These are annual events, which always provide an opportunity for residents to showcase what they are capable of doing.

We also look forward to visits from Grace College and Maris Stella Schools. Our residents benefit immensely from the visits of groups from schools as they find pleasure in chatting on various topics of interest to them. This helps them to relax as they actively participate in conversations. Always, the residents love seeing new faces, and school visits always bring in new faces. It is always Grade 9 pupils who come through to spend time with us.

Bring on the new, it will make us feel new. We love new challenges, and we love to keep busy. We are so thankful to the various organisations who continue to reach out to us. This is 2020. Together we will hit new heights!!!


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