It is sometimes confusing for one to draw a line between a beginning and an end. And so often we are caught between not wanting something to come to an end, while at the same time, wanting the new to burst out, and manifest its new promises. We are also wrestling with this emotion here at Pevensey, as we make a turn from 2017 to 2018. A few days and weeks ago, we were  celebrating Christmas and now it is time to let 2018 be, and let her sing her own  song.

Most of our Residents have come back from the holidays, and are so excited to exchange holiday stories. From what we can pick up, they all had great times, and they are ready to participate in the day to day running of their beloved home. We have a number of events looming on the horizon, and naturally, we await these with great anticipation.

These are the stand out events of January/ February. We will issue updates regarding Birthday Lunches, Horse riding and, of course, our Valentine’s Day Disco!

As always, life is a celebration at Pevensey Place. We are always open to making new friendships so if in the area please pop in and say hello to our wonderful family.

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