On 26 February, Pevensey Place will be turning 50 years old.

We are all called to celebrate this special occasion in many different ways. One of which is that all our main events will carry a 50th anniversary celebratory theme.

Today, 22 February, Pevensey Place are off to swim against Underberg School, and this will mark the start of our celebrations as we go through the year. We have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the school over the years, and they have planned a special reception for our residents.

Saturday 26 May, we celebrate at Pevensey Place with the residents. It will be a fun day when we look back in time at how far we have come. An interview session is being organised, where residents who have been with us for a long time will give their testimonies and share stories from “back then”😊😊 This may be appealing to parents and friends who may be available to come to Pevensey to just picnic and spend the day chilling with the residents. Please get in touch with us via e mail and let us know before Saturday.

Beyond that, we have special events planned, one of which will be a comedy show! Shalk Bezuidenhout, a very well known comedian will come to perform in Underberg at a Pevensey Fund-raiser event. Friday 27 May will be the big day, and more details are on the poster we share here, and will also post on Facebook and Whatsapp platforms. We appreciate the tremendous efforts of those putting in their efforts to plan for this event and invite all who can to be a part of it.

We are so excited about 2022, and pray and hope that we will have less covid related negative disruptions. May God bless you all.

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