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Swimming brings a number of health benefits for everyone who takes part in it. It helps one maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs, tones muscles and builds strength. It provides an all-over body workout, as all muscles are used during swimming.

We have, over the years used our annual swimming gala event to good effect as it excites our residents, who then also harvest all the other benefits that swimming brings to the table. We have also used swimming to build friendships with other organizations and individuals. Underberg School, the Swim Chix and Sani Round Table were represented to underline the close ties which have taken root.

From their stands and around the swimming pool, parents and other residents participated with great excitement and zest. It was a display of beautiful athleticism and sportsmanship as residents dove into the inviting water and speedily made their way through the length of pool. The Swim Chix and Round Table participated in the ball and skittle race and they experienced first hand the difficulty of keeping the ball under control only with the aid of a skittle. This added to the wonderful atmosphere which was just pleasant to experience. With friends like these, we need even more friends like these๐Ÿ˜Š There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family. Our association with these groups of friends can now best be described as a family affair.

Cara Theron (left) and Elaine Kotze taking part in the Ball and Skittle event. Cara wone the first prize in the female diving category.

There were winners, and only winners on the day. The Dolphins scored an impressive 117 points, closely followed by the Sharks (113) and the Tadpoles in 3rd spot with 110 points. On a day when we all found that great feeling again, of welcoming visitors to a Pevensey event, on a day when smiles never left each and every face, it is safe to say the biggest winners were the Pevensey Family and Friends. It was such a pleasant, joy filled event which painted a perfect picture of who Pevensey really are. We celebrate life and ability with huge smiles on our faces. We do the best we can with smiles on our faces. We find our place in community by showcasing what we can do. We find our purpose in the things that bind us together in joy and gladness.

All swimmers got together for a photo shoot after the wonderful gala event
…. and they march on to joyous celebrations of life at Pevensey Place.
Jacques Nel was the best male diver. He is standing in the picture with Mr. Kevin Ubach, the Underberg School Headmaster who was our Guest of Honor.

So we look ahead again. After a disappointing 2 year spell when we could not hold fun events, we are quite excited to be in this moment. We are excited to know with a measure of certainty that we can plan and hold social events which enable families and friends of residents to travel and be witnesses to fun activities.